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Meet Basil

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works with non-profits and ministries around the world

Our Team

The Basil team is comprised of developers, designers, and product managers from the world's leading technology companies.

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What We Do

Mobile Apps

We leverage the best in mobile technology, including React Native and more to deliver impactful apps to those on the ground.


We help non-profits with branding, web development and marketing so that they can tell their message in the most impactful way.


Many people are doing impactful and meaningful work accross the globe but have no idea what role technology can play, we can help with that.


Have a huge problem you’re trying to solve? We can organize hackathons in your area of work to mobilize the industry's brightest to deliver prototypes.


Joshua Campaign approached us with a vision to help Christian churches to share Bible stories across language barriers. We created a tool that facilitates a shared reading experience in two languages with a single phone.

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